Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

Miss Donnithorne has a problem. Jilted on the day of her wedding, she has become a hermit, far from the outside world, has tried to preserve her surroundings in the moment of the ceremony she never got to live.
We meet her 30 years later, still inhabiting the large house, still wearing her wedding dress, still waiting for her fiancé. She is still battling against the blow of fate, refuses to admit her loneliness. Instead, she has created for herself a new world, where she alone has the power to decide. Here, she loves with her companions, 6 musicians, who are – like her – caught in the illusion of a wedding and have to play for her in perpetuity. Together with Emily Eliza Donnithorne we step onto this tangled path through the mindscapes, accompany her on the trails of her fantasies and involuntarily bear witness to a tragedy that unravels behind closed doors.

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Marstallbühne HfM “Hanns Eisler”

Stage & Costume

Caroline Schwarz

Musical Director: Gad Kadosh
Direction: Tamara Heimbrock
Stage & Costume: Caroline Schwarz


Julia Halfar, Ensemble Zafraan Daniel Eichholz, Clemens Hund-Göschel, Josa Gerhard, Miguel Perez y Mesta, Laure Mourot,Martin Smith

(c) Eva Orthuber