La fedeltà premiata

J. Haydn

A group of young artists are celebrating backstage after a performance and decide to play a game on the abandoned stage. Quickly, the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur: the characters demand tribute from the performers and soon, no one knows where this journey will lead.

Based on Haydn’s La Fedeltà Premiata written in 1781, this production celebrates the joy of deliberate confusion. The outlandish monster-pastoral-play of mistaken identity captures the heart-wrenching conflicts of its performers. Time and time again, it creates little islands outside of logic and reason, all the while underscoring the constant tricks, magic, and illusions of the theatre. In the end, the couples reunite for the grand finale, complete with thwarted human sacrifice and the cameo appearance of a goddess.

Herrlich Turbulent: ein Hochgenuss im Theater Aachen

Aachener Nachrichten

Einen besonderen Lorbeerzweig hat indes die Regisseurin Tamara Heimbrock verdient

Theater:pur NRW

Kompliment für die Regisseurin, dass sie dabei ein feines ironisches Händchen erkennen lässt und auf klamottenhaften Firlefanz verzichtet





Theater Aachen


Detlev Beaujean


Lea Reusse

Musical Director: Herbert Goetz
Production: Tamara Heimbrock
Stage: Detlev Beaujean
Costume: Lea Reusse
Dramaturgy: Christoph Lang
Fight choreography: Rolf Berg


Bella Adamova, Lina Hoffmann, Yoonsoo Veronica Kil, Milena Knauß, Chanho Lee, Woongyi Lee, Jiyuan Qiu, Anna Sayn, Michael Terada, Sissi Qi Wang, Di Yang

(c) Carl Brunn