It Will Be Rain Tonight

SJ Hanke
nach dem Monolog ICH WERDE NICHT STERBEN. IN MEINEM BETT von Ch. Nussbaumeder

Like a flash of a bright light, we catch a glimpse into the psyche of a woman who knows she will die.
Furthermore, she knows that her death will not be peaceful, nor even natural. No, Frau A. knows that she is not going to die in her bed.
Such a realization comes as a shock. It paralyzes, pressures, scares. It seduces into fleeing. 
Maybe I can escape the looming violence by succumbing to the system… if I retreat into private life and exclude horror and injustice from my home?
But betrayal lurks everywhere, even in her very bed. Consequently, Frau A. deliberately chooses to stand up for her beliefs. She will not stop fighting for her right to freedom. She will not stop voicing her opinions. She will leave us with her message, a message that not only outlasts death, but is magnified by it. For nothing is louder than the power of the mind.

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Deutsche Oper Berlin Tischlerei


Hanne Loosen


Sara Landertinger

Musikalische Leitung: Manuel Nawri
Inszenierung: Tamara Heimbrock
Bühne: Hanne Loosen
Kostüme: Sara Landertinger
Dramaturgie: Curt A. Roesler


Bettina Gfeller, Katarina Morfa, Lars Ivar Nordal, Yuriko Ozaki, Enrico Wenzel

(c) Martin Christopher Welker