Das schlaue Füchslein

Leoš Janáček

The cunning little vixen.
Exactly how intertwined and similar are the emotions of humans, and the emotions of animals? This prevalent theme in Janacek’s “The Cunning Little Vixen” proves this opera to more than just an ordinary fairytale.
A riveting parable of nature, the story ventures further, illustrating the circle of life. At its centre is a young vixen who is captured and tamed by a forester. He believes his human lover’s eyes to be looking back at him when looking at her. But the vixen orchestrates a daring escape and later finds her own true love in freedom itself. Years later she encounters another human: Haraschta the vagabond, who shoots her.
Through the vixen’s death both man and beast are confronted with how to mourn such a terrible loss. In the emergence of a new generation a little gleam of hope shines through and takes some of the grief’s paralyzing weight.

Mit Präzision und Fantasie

Aachener Zeitung

Die Figuren charakterisiert die Regisseurin nicht minder detailgenau und liebevoll

Aachener Zeitung

All das präsentiert sich ebenso schnörkellos und frei von konzeptionellen Überfrachtungen wie die Regie

Aachener Zeitung




Theater Aachen

Stage & Costume

Julie Weideli

Musical Direction: Raimund Laufen
Production: Tamara Heimbrock
Stage & Costume: Julie Weideli
Dramaturgy: Christoph Lang


Daegyun Jeong, Rein Saar, Yoonsoo Veronica Kil, Liza Sparovec, Basak Ceber, Sissi Qi Wang, Takahiro Namiki, Jiyuan Qiu, Michael Krinner, Chanho Lee, Dimitrios Karolidis, Bo Shi, Vincent Debus, Mariko Kageyama, Makiko Kawaguchi, Dami Kim, Julie Vercauteren, Nicola Heinecker, Scarlett Pulwey, Andrea Graff, Minyoung Kim, Ying Lai, Rina Hirayama, Lea Müller, Rosha Fitzhowle, Charlotte Watzlawik, Daniella Sarabia

(c) Will van Iersel, Julie Weideli, Desiree Werlen